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© 2021 by FUZION

Collection two



1 NFT = 25 ADA
10NFTs max. per transaction (250ADA)


Yoroi -Daedalus -AdaLite - Nami - !!Never send ADA from an exchange!!

First of all...

...I really want to thank y'all again for making Fuzion "Collection One" a great success. It only took seven days to reach that magic goal and i really wasn´t expecting this at all. So many new people on our discord channel, great and positive feedback for the Fuzion art and distribution of the first drop. Lots of trading, hunting and the relieving success to finally have all four pieces together, made the first Fuzion drop very exciting and special for me and you. It was and still is a great experience and learning curve.

What is Fusion Art about ?

With creating my latest CNFT project "Fuzion NFTs" I want to go back to simplicity. No need for another "10k animal clone" with all those items and attributes. Ok, to be honest here, some of them do look nice, but this is not my personal intention.  My art is minimalistic. I love to create room for imagination. Use your inner eye, your mood and feelings to interpret my colors and shapes, this is what Fuzion is about.


I’ve already had many new ideas for a second collection while the first one was selling out. There is inspiration everywhere and I often had to remind myself to not overthink the whole concept of Fuzion. To make it quick and simple I decided I wanted to spread some positivity and a safe place in the world of CNFTs. My personal favorite places to create art are all found out in nature. It’s where I fully identify with myself. However, COVID is still making things difficult and laborious. All the colour themes of "Collection Two" are kinda calm and relaxing, natural and soft. Earthtones, autumn vibes and smooth.

And here we are now. This is "Collection Two" of Fuzion. The motto was and still is, no rush at all. Spread the word and become part of the Fuzion family  if you can identify with my art, be part of the early stages of CNFT but most important... stay healthy and inspired.


What is new in Collection Two ?

• No puzzle hunting this time. You’ll receive the full Fuzion artwork when buying an NFT.

• Only 100 NFTs in total (all unique 1 of 1 artworks)

• Within those 100 NFTs you´ll find 20 animated Fuzion NFTs.

• There will be 20 new artworks, each in 5 different colour themes this time.

• Since "Collection Two" has only 1 of 1 NFTs in it, the price will be 25 Ada per token.

• New Fuzion logo


If you own more then 10 NFTs of "Collection Two", you´ll get rewarded with another exclusive and animated Fuzion NFT, matching the brand new collection.













There is a big discussion about project roadmaps at all. You have people who would never participate, trust or support a project without a decent roadmap. I get their point, when we´re talking about the big players or tech experts in the CNFT game. Roadmaps are cool, but most of the time... they are a real ??? Can this work out, do they really have the abilities and knowledge to realize all their plans ? I wish they can, it would be a blessing for the community and the whole NFT market. Best of luck to everyone out there.

So what could be a roadmap for Fuzion NFTs ?

I could tell you i will build a game or Fuzion NFTs will have the sickest utility out there and we will be the best and biggest project very soon. But that wouldn´t be the truth. Fuzion is a small family art project, different artists involved, blood sweat and tears, passion while working in real life or take care of the family. Love for art, love for Cardano and the world of the CNFT community... an addiction to deliver. This is my personal drive.

Fuzions roadmap is my passion to bring you a nice and timeless collection of Cardano NFTs. This is not a one timer, Fuzion is here to stay, Fuzion is here to improve and implement your ideas as a community.  The focus is on releasing smaller drops, lower mint numbers on completed artworks and a timeless appearance. I think this will make Fuzion NFTs a valuable project for all collectors out there.

Maybe there will be animated Fuzion NFTs in the future, maybe we will do collabs with smaller or bigger projects, maybe we will have merch or a real life exhibition. I have so many cool ideas, but you guys also know crypto. Nothing is a safecall, we all know that.
Nevertheless, i will always try my best to get you guys hyped for anything new Fuzions provides.

I guess that was the most honest and transparent roadmap you have ever seen in a CNFT project, but this is me. I just share my honest feelings.

Anyways... Thank you so much for being here and supporting Fuzion.


When is the drop of collection ONE ?

The official drop of Collection Two will be on saturday, 12/11/21 4pm UTC.

What is the price of a FUZION NFT piece ?

The price will be 25 ADA each.

How many am I able to buy on release day?

You are able to buy a maximum of 10 NFTs in one transaction.

Please don't send more than 250 ADA per transaction to the wallet, otherwise you will be refunded.

Which wallet can I use?

Yoroi -Daedalus -AdaLite (Hardware wallet recommended)

!!!Never send ADA from an exchange! Most exchange wallets can not receive NFT’s!!!

How many NFTs are available?

There is a total of 100 pieces in Collection Two.

20 of them are specially animated.

Will you be verified on CNFT.IO ?

We´re allready verified on to give you guys the best experience on the secondary market.


Policy ID - Fuzion NFTs - Collection Two:  6872f6af007511a9e70dc245b8f0d3d3ecb77f350f2b7a199e2c809a


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